Kicking Off The Semester with Sonja Popp-Stahly

By: Precious Little

I am so excited to see that this semester has started off with an increase in involvement as we kicked off our first professional development session! Sonja Popp-Stahly, the communications manager at Eli Lily, was our guest of honor.  This was the second time in a year that we brought Sonja in to speak, so you can tell that we absolutely love her!

Sonja gave her testimony on being involved in PRSSA and PRSA. She discussed how important it is to be involved in PRSSA as a pr major and the networks you gain just from being an active member. I can attest to this! It is extrememly important to build relationships while you are in your undergrad because you never know what will become of them. This is what we do anyway as pr majors, so it should’nt be that difficult.

Sonja gave us alot of background information about her career path and it really allowed for some of us to get a glimpse of some unique careers that pr professionals can fall into. She even gave us helpful hints about networking, resumes, and conference. Talk about a one-stop-shop!

As we work really hard to prepare for PRSSA National Conference, we want to make sure that we are getting our members involved! So come out to our events and open meetings!

Study hard! 🙂

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