Putting the FUN back into Fundraising

By: Ashley Bureau

Upon running for my position with PRSSA at IUPUI I received a good amount of criticism centralized around the job title, usually sounding like this: “Fundraising, really? You know that means your job is to beg for money, right?” Even so, I didn’t let the lack of peer approval hold me back. There is a lot more to fundraising than just begging for money. Fundraising events can, and should, actually be fun!

PRSSA National offers their FUNdraising Playbook, a compilation of different fundraisers that were successful for chapters all over the country. This playbook comes from a contest where chapters submit information about their fundraisers to PRSSA in hopes to win the grand prize of 2 free conference registrations. A new Fundraising Playbook comes out each year with new ideas from different chapters. There are so many great and creative ideas that this book serves as an essential resource when planning for fundraising events throughout the year. My goal is to send at least one entry into the contest for our chapter this year.

With that , I am excited to announce that our first fundraising event this year will be with Hot Box Pizza! On October 4th, order anything from Hot Box in downtown Indy, hand them a copy of this flyer when paying and 20% of sales from your purchase will go towards helping out PRSSA at IUPUI. While this event offers “attendance” at leisure, it can be used as a reason to simply get people together. Catching up with an old friend? Do it over a slice of pizza. Study session in the library? You’ll retain more information with a full stomach– go ahead and  place an order for read sticks and cheese! Just hungry? Try Hot Box for dinner. Whatever reason gets you to Hot Box with our flyer on October 4th doesn’t really matter, we are just grateful for the help.

I can’t wait to see how well our first fundraiser of the year goes, and am even more anxious to set up more events for the spring. Future events will be posted as they are finalized, so keep an ear out for more FUNdraisers this year!


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