Meet the Living Legends of PR

By: Danielle Everts


Del Galloway, APR, Fellow PRSA, Vice President, Public Relations, United Way Worldwide

John Paluszek, APR, Fellow PRSA, Senior Counsel, Ketchum

Judith Phair, APR, Fellow PRSA, President, PhairAdvantage Communications, LLC

Cheryl Procter-Rogers, APR, Fellow PRSA, Senior Consultant, A Step Ahead Public Relations

This session was a major standout session for me. These four panelists answered a series of questions compiled by the national committee as well as open questions at the end of the session. It was amazing to hear about how four legends in PR had four very different career paths and all love different aspects of the field. Here are some of my favorite questions and answers:

How did you get started in PR?

Paluszek – There are three things, which always work.

  • Read, read, read and read some more. Read fiction and nonfiction. Become a news junkie.
  • Be involved in your local chapter. Build your network.
  • Learn how to tell a story. Learn as much as possible about a variety of things.


  • Don’t be unwilling to take a job you didn’t expect to get into a company or field you like.
  • Be committed to lifelong learning.
  • Be curious about the world.

What has evolved most about PR?


  • The speed: 30 days has become 30 minutes
  • PR education has evolved.
  • PR is in every organization and institution in the world.
  • Many more services are being offered.
  • PR is being practiced everywhere!

What are the qualities in a leader in PR?

All speakers:

  • You have to really listen. Those who are most successful are great listeners!
  • Have good ethics and give back on your way up.
  • Leaders must think BIG things.
  • If you can write well, it demonstrates you can think well.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • You must earn your leadership, and then retain it!

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