The Secret to Success: The Most Important Thing I Learned At Conference

By: Mayowa Tomori

Two weeks ago, I went with a group of Public Relations students at IUPUI to a professional conference in Florida to learn from the brightest minds in public relations. However, in the four days that I attended keynotes, lectures and networked with professionals and students, I learned much more that just good PR. I learned the secret to success, and that lesson didn’t come from any lecture; it came from another student, Rosie Rotondi, VP of Chapter Development at the Fashion institute of Technology in New York. Including every successful person I met during conference underscored the importance of that lesson.

Rosie shared the simple idea (through Twitter and in-person) that “you can always be #EvenBetter!”

Throughout conference, I was inspired and humbled by the achievements of students like Gregory Taylor from Howard University, a driven, young PR professional and student I met after one of the lectures.

Gregory is only a junior and he has already started his own business and landed an internship from a prestigious PR agency. His professional achievements are proof that he is living the #EvenBetter philosophy.

I was equally energized by professionals like Peter Diamandis from the X-Prize foundation, who felt that there had to be an #EvenBetter way to take on the world’s problems.

The foundation he founded has pushed the limits of creativity and innovation in Education & Global Development, Energy & Environment, Life Sciences, and Exploration. And he isn’t done either! His tenacity and socially significant achievements are proof that he is living the #EvenBetter philosophy.

Conference gave me the opportunity to meet many successful people, each living their version of #EvenBetter, each dedicated to pushing themselves to their very best, and then pushing even past that.

The most important thing I learned during conference was that it didn’t matter if you wanted to be a successful fashion PR professional, philanthropist or entrepreneur. The first step to success starts with realizing that “you can always be #EvenBetter.”


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