Social Media toolbox for up-and-coming PR Pros

By: Whitney Shelley

As communication practices become more integrated, nearly all public relations plans involve digital aspects. Below are key social media takeaways from the conference.

Get a strong grasp on analytics
An understanding of the science behind social media is crucial. It is important we understand engagement rates to determine when and how to speak to our target public.

Know the importance of developing relationships with people across all teams at your company
Public relations is about building relationships. Go out, mingle and get to know the other departments to see how they can work together. This will aid you in best implementing social media across the various channels.

Grasp a fundamental understanding of SEO
Since we must drive up search results for press releases, it’s crucial to understand what affects search engine optimization and how to best optimize press releases and Web content.

Think quickly and decisively
A fear-based mentality can give a new PR pro an edge. Have a sense of security that you are more advanced in this area than others in higher offices.

Always make your content and news discoverable
Be sure to send information to recipients in a strategic way that will hold their interest.

Understand social media strategy
You must know the crucial components of strategy. Know to whom the brand is trying to communicate, what it is trying to say and how it is aiming to get people to take action.

Utilize social media channels to present your own point of view
Developing a personal voice on a social media channel such as Tumblr or a blog is a great skill. You must humanize yourself in order to gain a true social media presence.

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