The Experience That Will Last a Lifetime

By: Sarah Lux

Opportunities come and go in life. Some will take the path of chance and others will always be scared of the unknown. I feel fortunate of how my past year has gone; I took a leap of fate and flung myself into new situations when I joined IUPUI PRSSA. After a semester of being just a member I had the chance to become an officer and serve on the executive board, but the bigger picture of being part of this Chapter is the opportunities that are given to you.

My experience of a lifetime was attending the 2011 PRSSA National Conference in Orlando, FL. I was able to gain knowledge about my future career and surrounding settings. It gave practice with networking with professionals and students from all over the country and all different backgrounds. At the conference, PRSSA held sessions throughout the day that you attended. For this blog I am going to focus on one of my favorite sessions.

International Communications: So little time, so many languages with speaker Rick Bubenhofer – Vice President and Director of PR, Brown-Forman

Brown-Forman is an international company who is known for many products and brands that include Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort to name a few. In this session, Bubenhofer made key points to always remember:

  • Build good relationships with the media, it all comes down to relationships.
  • Know that in each different country things will be different, always do your research.
  • Be aware that ethics can vary in different countries.
  • Using local companies in different countries is okay.
  • If you are interested in international communications; intern across-seas, study abroad, and intern with an international company.

There were many ideas and thoughts to take away from Bubenhofer presentation, but when he displayed the Brown-Forman philosophy;

“We are limited only by our imaginations”

I felt inspired by this thought. A company can be so much bigger than what it appears.

This session was on the first day of the conference and it only got better with the other sessions and keynote speakers to hear. The trip to Orlando for PRSSA National Conference was one of the best memories I have and I hope everyone can have and take the opportunity to attend something so significantly special.


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