The Prince’s 10 Secrets

By: Aunjalee Bhullar

At the 2012 PRSSA National Conference, every speaker and session sent me home with useful and new information to direct my future and career. One session that really left an impression was Matt Prince’s personal branding presentation.

Prince, a graduate of California State University-Fullerton and currently the Social Media Manager at The Walt Disney Company, explained to a full room of eager students that personal branding is the definition of you as defined by others. He believes your personal brand is made up of five factors.

  1. Your name
  2. Your image
  3. Your online ID
  4. Your reputation
  5. Your network

Prince explained that at the end of the day you are your most important client.  You are the CEO, CMO and publicist of your company and your brand.

And to be successful, you must be fully committed to your personal brand. To help us find our own personal branding success, Prince divulged 10 personal branding secrets.

  1. Find yourself – Decide your personal goals, missions, visions and business plans. Create your own life road map.
  2. Make an impression – Remember to live everyday like your first date.
  3. Do social right – Social media is a tool, not a brand strategy. And keep in mind each post should fall in to at least two categories of IFEIFE (interesting, funny, educational, impressive, flattering and embarrassing).
  4. Be narrow minded – Make sure to find your own niche, find your own pitch and follow your plan closely.
  5. Be a content creator – Create your own messages and drive people to you.
  6. Be a storyteller – Be remembered by telling good stories. Keep a bucket of good stories to share and use it to put a personal touch on news and information.
  7. Take it offline – Have in-person conversations, pass out business cards and keep in mind that jobs can come from offline.
  8. Repetition of Reputation – Be a consistent version of yourself.
  9. Know your audience – Be able to adapt to your audience without compromise. Make sure to tailor your resumes to match the needs of each prospective employer.
  10. Have fun 🙂

I hope you find Prince’s insight as helpful as I did.


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