Conference Reflection – Erin Hurrle

Who’s Coming to Dinner: Restaurant PR

I want to start my conference recap by thanking the IUPUI Department of Journalism and PR and acknowledging their generosity. Personally, without their help I would not have been able to experience the PRSSA National Conference and learn all that I did in Washington, D.C.

I took so much from all the sessions I had the pleasure of attending so it was difficult to pick one that I wanted to focus on. However, one session that grabbed my attention and was the most fulfilling was “Who’s Coming to Dinner: Restaurant PR,” hosted by Linda Roth, founder and president/publicist of Linda Roth Associates, Inc. She’s a pro of the hospitality public relations industry and her firm is the “go-to” place whenever there’s a message in the hospitality industry that needs to get out.

I was pretty surprised to find that the restaurant PR session was one of my favorites of the weekend. I worked in a restaurant for some time and always thought there’s no way I would going back to the restaurant world. After listening to Linda Roth I didn’t learn just about PR campaigns in the hospitality industry… I learned important things to remember in any kind of campaign.

The main thing that Linda Roth stressed about her day was that there was never a typical day. She expressed that there is always something different going on every day with all her clients. Every client has different needs and some may not have as big of needs as others. Linda Roth started her overview of planning a restaurant campaign by explaining that social media is everyone’s friend. The best way to get the most outreach on social media is planning ahead of time and knowing what’s going on around your community. Linda Roth did an excellent job showcasing that she truly is the best in her business.


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