Conference Reflection – Katee Holman

Thinking back on the conference, it is impossible for me to write down everything I learned, because I truly learned so much. I learned about areas in public relations that I had never thought of before. I heard a lot of great PR professionals speak about their careers and successes in the industry, but there was one session I was particularly glad that I attended. As a student graduating in just two short months, I knew that if I did not attend the session “First Job Survival Guide,” I would regret it.

The session was set up in a question and answer format with two individuals as the speakers, one from the agency world and one from a nonprofit. The tips they generously gave to the crowds were exactly what I needed to hear. Lately, as I have been searching for my “big girl” job, I’ve had a million doubts run through my head. Their tips made me realize that I am not alone, that these feelings are normal, and I am not the only soon-to-be graduate worried about whether I know enough about PR to land my first job.

Here are some of my favorite tips I learned during the session:

  • Apply to any job that interests you, even if you don’t qualify… it never hurts to try!
  • Get used to working and doing more than you need to do
  • Always be networking, and never be ashamed to hand out your resume or business cards
  • When interviewing, do your research on who you are interviewing with, know the clients, be excited and more importantly, know WHY you want to work there
  • You aren’t inconveniencing anyone by asking questions – you will never seem inadequate when asking for help
  • It is important to be excited about working in the PR industry

I found this session so helpful and encouraging. I learned so much throughout the conference that I feel prepared and ready to conquer the job search again.

I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity I had in attending the PRSSA National Conference. It would not have been possible without the support from the IUPUI Department of Journalism and Public Relations. It was truly an eye-opening experience that taught me a lot, not only about public relations, but also about myself.

– Katee Holman
IUPUI PRSSA National Conference Coordinator


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