Name of Scholarship/Award Deadline
Bateman Case Study Competition Intent-to-Enter November 7, 2016
Daniel J. Edelman/PRSSA Award for the Outstanding Public Relations Student February, 2017
Ruth Edelman/PRSSA Award for Achievement in Women’s Leadership Development February, 2017
Bateman Case Study Competition Entries Due to PRSSA Headquarters April 7, 2017
Stephen D. Pisinski Memorial Scholarship May 26, 2017
Gary Yoshimura Scholarship May 26, 2017
Chester Burger Scholarship for Excellence in Public Relations May 26, 2017
John D. Graham Scholarship May 26, 2017
Marcia Silverman Minority Student Award May 26, 2017
Neumeier Family Leadership Award May 26, 2017
Ofield Dukes Multicultural Student Award May 26, 2017
Ron Culp Scholarship for Mentorship  May 26, 2017
 Altschul Champions for PRSSA Outstanding Internship Award  May 26, 2017
Robin M. Urbanski Memorial Scholarship  May 26, 2017
Hall of Fame Award  June 9, 2017
Lawrence G. Foster Award  June 9, 2017
National Gold Key Award  June 9, 2017

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